Did you know there is a profound link between our money and our mind? In personal finance we need to develop an understanding of two important documents – the income statement and the balance sheet….

In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul Jenkins describes the five-part process by which people integrate principles into their lives. In the last stage we SHARE. You know you have internalized principles…

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul shares a favorite archive episode with Cevin Ormond, best selling author and leadership expert. In this incredible episode Cevin shares his experience and knowledge to unlock…

Joining Dr. Paul on Live on Purpose Radio is Shelly Coray, author of “Master Your Mindset: 9 Keys to Gain Control Over the Mess In Your Head” and the founder of The Winner’s Edge, a mental strength training program for youth. Shelly is here to bring us hope and a solution to creating a new reality.

Find out more on Shelly’s website JimmyandShelly.com.

In today’s episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by guest Danny Heinsohn. Danny is a brain tumor survivor that has mastered the art of adapting to turn great trials into great successes. Listen to Danny share his inspiring story and the lessons he learned from it about how to adapt to life’s challenges.

Find more information about Danny on his website at dannyheinsohn.com


Scott Wilhite is this week’s guest on Live On Purpose Radio. Scott has developed an app called “Feed Your Happy” that has systematized and gamified the art of being happy. In this episode Scott and Dr. Paul define the skills of happy living and discuss how to develop those skills. Learn more at ncourage.life or download the app here.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Rod Richardson. Rod is a very successful and influential world-wide leader of doTerra. In this episode Rod shares his experience of how he applied powerful principles and focus in his career that led to his success. You can connect wiht Rod via email at:  [email protected]

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul connects with Michel Poulaert. Michel is a professional speaker and leading influencer in positivity in France. Optimism and positivity are tools that work worldwide to create better living and greater success.

See the video of Michel speaking at the 2015 Convention Influence in Washington D.C. here.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by professional singer, performer, author, and speaker Eric Dodge. Eric shares about his journey to becoming a professional singer and how unique events and people in his life helped him face his fears to find an unknown talent and passion. As a special treat to Live On Purpose Radio listeners, Eric shares one of his greatest hits, “Why Not Today.” Don’t wait until later to find happiness, seize the moment NOW and start chasing your dreams today!

Find more about Eric and his music at his website ericdodge.com

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by X Factor Australia sensation Emmanuel Kelly! Emmanuel has touched millions of  lives through his performances on the X Factor and through his inspiring life story of persevering through immense hardship and opposition. Listen in on this Live On Purpose exclusive interview with Emmanuel to hear more about his background and beliefs that have brought him to where he is today. Included below are links to Emmanuel’s original X Factor audition performance, as well as further ways to follow and connect with Emmanuel.

X Factor Audition: https://youtu.be/W86jlvrG54o

Emmanuel’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrEmmanuelkelly

Emmanuel’s Website: http://emmanuelkellyofficial.com/


In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by Steven Iwersen. Steven and Dr. Paul discuss how to recognize what is missing in your life or what needs to change, and how to change it to begin now to live a more fulfilling life. Steven informs listeners how to see and overcome the gap between their reality and their vision to empower them to reach their goals. Connect further with Steven on his website: www.steveniwersen.com

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by Dr. Reed Criddle, director of choral activities at Utah Valley University and Conductor of the Wasatch Chorale. Reed has a special talent for helping others to realize their own talents and to help bring out of them skills and excellence that they would not normally have seen themselves. In this conversation Reed shares his experience as a choir director and discusses some of the principles and practices that have helped him become one of the most efficient, talented, and respected choir directors in the area.

Pegine Echevarria joins Dr. Paul in this week’s episode of Live On Purpose Radio to discuss how to better be the authentic you and to be feisty, fearless, focused, and have fun! This week introduces a special edition of Live On Purpose Radio also available in webcast. See the video recording of the interview along with the audio at youtube.com/liveonpurposetv/. Special thanks to ecamm.com for making this screen recording a possibility.

This week we bring a special episode to Live On Purpose Radio, courtesy of vocaldisorders.org. Dr. Paul was recently a guest on their show with host Susan Reagan to share about his experience with Spasmodic Dysphonia. In the episode Dr. Paul recounts his story of how he applied the principles of Pathological Positivity to overcome what can be a very crippling, chronic voice disorder. Whether it be a voice disorder, or any other type of hurdle, the principles highlighted in this episode will help empower those who apply them to pick up the unique package they’ve been dealt in life and proactively head towards a brighter and more prosperous life. Get access to the original show link here, and visit vocaldisorders.org and voicematters.net to find more information about our host and their mission.

Kathy Loveless, professional speaker and consultant, is today’s guest on Live On Purpose Radio. Tune in to hear about which key principles can help you overcome any trial to continuously live a happy life on purpose. Connect with Kathy on her website at lovelessenterprises.com or via email: [email protected].

In this Episode of Live On Purpose Dr. Paul is joined by a truly inspiring and amazing guest – Ron Zeller. Over the years Ron has overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles as he has made the choice to Live On Purpose rather than passively letting life roll by. Tune in to hear the genuine Ron Zeller and learn how you too can choose to be ageless.

Dr. Paul is joined by Mitch Seehusen, the incoming president of the local chapter of the National Speakers Association, on this week’s episode of Live On Purpose Radio. In this episode Mitch and Paul talk about some of the key principles that Mitch has identified through his professional experience working with many businesses and as a professional speaker over the years. Learn some of the key principles that will lead you to success and happiness through pathological positivity in today’s discussion with Mitch Seehusen. Contact Mitch at mitchseehusen.com


In this week’s epic episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by an incredible and inspiring guest, Carol Masheter. Carol has accomplished a breathtaking amount of incredible feats including one she shares about here on the show and in her book, No Magic Helicopter – An Aging Amazon’s Climb of Everest, as she became the oldest woman in American history to summit Mt. Everest. Don’t miss the incredible lessons Carol has to share of how to set your sights high and overcome any mountain you set your sights on. Learn more about Carol and her other adventures on her website at carolmasheter.com

We’re back with another exciting episode of Live On Purpose Radio with another phenomenal guest. Robert Ferrell joins Dr. Paul in today’s episode to talk about how to recognize and become effective mentors. Learn through Robert’s incredible experiences the power that compassion will have in your life as well as in others as you strive to change for the better.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is joined by Cevin Ormond, best selling author and leadership expert. In this incredible episode Cevin shares his experience and knowledge to unlock the key to being successful and taking charge of your life. Connect personally with the master of self-leadership or book Cevin to speak at your next event at his website: cevinormond.com

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by the famous DJ Rob, Rob Ferre. Join in on this intriguing conversation as Rob and Dr. Paul talk about how you can team up with your competition for your own benefit. Learn how to create and expand abundance instead of starving success through hoarding and scarcity. Find more info about rob or book him for your next event at his website: life-of-the-party.com

Dr. Paul takes Live On Purpose Radio on the road this week to his amazing guest Kevin Hall. Kevin, author of the book Aspire and master of words, discusses with Dr. Paul the true nature and power of some key words that when correctly understood and applied can raise you to a greater level of success. Learn more about Kevin and his message or connect with him through his website here at powerofwords.com

In this chilling episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by adventurer, author, and motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau. Aaron, author of the book Antarctic Tears, successfully completed a solo trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, making his way into a very exclusive group of only two Americans in history to ever have done so. In this interview with Dr. Paul, Aaron and Paul discuss the principles and key habits that made accomplishing this incredible feat, as well as accomplishing any goals/dreams you as the listener may have, attainable. The answer may surprise you. Connect further with Aaron on his website at ncexped.com

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul reconnects with an old high school classmate, Jeff Olsen. Jeff endured a tragic car accident many years ago leaving him maimed and  his wife and youngest son dead. In that experience and in the moments following Jeff had some incredible experiences and took home several life-changing lessons that he shares here with you listeners. Learn more about Jeff and get access to his book at his website: atonenow.com

Dr. Paul is joined by yet another exciting guest in this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. Stephen Palmer is an author of several powerful books as well as the manifesto for Statue of Responsibility. (check out episode ‘Sculpting Responsibility‘ for more details) Join in on the conversation listen carefully for a special treat from Stephen exclusively for Live On Purpose Radio listeners. Visit stephendpalmer.com for more info about how to connect with Stephen.

In this episode of Live On Purpose radio, Dr. Paul is joined by success expert and mentor Michelle McCullough as they discuss how you can turn your dreams into reality. Listen to this energetic, powerfully packed episode to learn key principles and actions that will lead you to success. Connect with Michelle on her site here.

Many of the important steps we take in life involve a process with gatekeepers. Whether it’s getting to an important job interview, or simply needing help at customer service, having the skills to effectively influence your way through life’s gatekeepers is a valuable skill. Join the conversation as Dr. Paul and his guest EksAyn Anderson discuss how to develop these skills. Connect with and learn more about Eks on his website here.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul Jenkins is joined by professional mentor, author, and speaker Kris Barney. Tune in to hear Kris and Dr. Paul discuss the principles of prosperity and success that can empower anyone to make all things possible. Connect with Kris on her website here. Get access to the Allthingspossible.tv episode with Dr. Paul here.

In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Dr. Bruce Jackson. Join in on the conversation as Dr. Paul and Dr. Jackson discuss the key to finding and reaching your purpose. Gain a better understanding of how you can identify and conquer that ‘one thing’ that holds you back from reaching your purpose. Learn more about Dr. Bruce Jackson and connect with him on his website at theiahe.com. Check out Dr. Jackson’s book for more tools like these here.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by the well-known and accomplished Dan Clark. Dan is a New York Times best selling author, professional motivator, and one of the world’s greatest speakers. Throughout his career Dan has built and lived the life he loves, on purpose, by teaching his listeners about the Art of Significance. He joins us today to share these same principles with you. Check out more about Dan on his website here.

In this episode of Life On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by the young and very successful Ty Bennett. Ty started a direct sales company with his brother in his early twenties which quickly grew to over $20 million in annual revenue while he was still in his twenties. He now reaches out through speaking to spread his success and teach people how the Power of Influence can help them build their message and business to become successful. Check out more about Ty here.

For this week’s episode of Live On Purpose Radio we have a special treat. A while back Dr. Paul and his lovely wife Vicki were guests on Dino Watt’s show, the Business of Marriage and were interviewed about how to create a successful marriage. Tune in to see how you might also find better ways to have a successful and fulfilling marriage. Click here to see the original show and listen to more of the Business of Marriage.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by one of the nations most powerful speakers and trainers of professional speaking–Diane Diresta. Diane has been successfully helping clients overcome the fear of speaking for years and is now here at Live On Purpose to share her skills with YOU. Get connected with Diane through her website here.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio Chief Inspirational Officer Jacqueline Deschamps joins Dr. Paul to discuss how to instinctively be yourself. Learn how to simplify your search for success by applying these powerful principles. Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn here.

In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Ken Gallacher, Author and Professional Speaker, about how to blow past the barrier of doubt. Ken shows listeners how to Live On Purpose by unlocking some of the keys to success. Join in on this episode to see how Passion, Ambition, and Meaning can propel you past all doubts, and maximize your success.

In this episode Dr. Paul interviews a likely very familiar voice. See if you recognize her voice as we learn about how to get direction in life from the queen of directions: Karen Jacobsen.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Dr. Brandon Kelly, author of The Distinctive Watermark Principles. When life serves up challenges and obstacles, our success depends on applying correct principles and moving forward no matter what. Brandon shares how to face it, pace it, and ace it. Visit Brandon at www.thebrandonkelly.com and use the code “DrJ10” for a 10% break on his products and services just for Live On Purpose Radio listeners. Thank you Brandon!

In this show Dr. Paul sits down with Tom Dickson to talk about success, productivity, and positivity.  Check out Will it Blend? to see what Blendtec blenders can blend!

This week Dr. Paul hosts Bob Kittell, a motivational speaker and trainer.  Join them as they talk about hope and inspiration.

Join Dr. Paul and Chris Miles as they discuss tips and tricks that will help you free up cash today.  Create cash flow through the abundance perspective and break free from scarcity.  If you want to learn more Chris has offered a free ebook that shares the principles and strategies of stewardship.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by returning guest Brad Barton. Earlier this year, Brad accomplished the “impossible” by setting a new world record. Listen in as Brad describes a process that you too can apply to make amazing things happen in your life.

Clarity and focus take you more quickly to realizing your ideal LifeVision.  In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is once again joined by Ann Webb to power up your LifeVision.  Ann appeared on the show exactly three years ago, click here to listen.

Join Dr. Paul Jenkins as he interviews the author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?  Comedian and motivational speaker Kelly Swanson explains how to live on purpose through three simple principles: see, believe, do.

Dr. Paul and Doug Nielsen talk about proven strategies for gaining control.  Doug’s book, Take Life By the Helm! explains how to live a courageous, adventurous and deliberate life.

In this special episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is a first time guest on The Matt Townsend Show.  They discuss how to live your life on purpose.  You can tune in to to hear The Matt Townsend Show live Monday-Friday at 5:00PM (EST) on SiriusXM 143- BYU Radio or stream it live on BYU Radio’s website.

60,000+ likes on Facebook suggest that this daring young mom is on to something.  This episode of Live On Purpose Radio brings drops of awesome into your life.  Learn more about Kathryn Thompson at www.daringyoungmom.com.

In this special episode of Live On Purpose Radio Dr. Paul is a guest on The Matt Townsend Show.  You can tune in to to hear The Matt Townsend Show live Monday-Friday at 5:00PM (EST) on SiriusXM 143- BYU Radio or stream it live on BYU Radio’s website.

Mark Woodmansee shares the story of how he overcame the challenges in his life.  “Throw a fit!” he says.  Listen in to find out more.  Contact Mark at mwoodmansee513()gmail.com.

At the start of the new year Dr. Paul is joined by Mark Marrott.  Mark shares his story about the sudden and painful change he experienced that impacted every aspect of his life.  Mark shares with Dr. Paul the key to rising above the hurt though humor and heartfelt narrative.  Change hurts, but you will always have a choice of how to react.  To learn more you can contact Mark at mark.marrott()gmail.com.

Shanae Branham joins Dr. Paul in studio to chat about success.  Shanae is a Techno-Thriller author who talks about her triumphant and inspiring story.  She learned to “can the can’t” in order to overcome obstacles in the way of her dream to become a successful author.  Prepare to be inspired with this dynamic episode of Live On Purpose Radio.  To learn more about Shanae’s new book DiSemblance, visit disemblance.com.

Would you like to end the fear, anxiety and worry that interferes with your relationships and gets in the way of your success and joy?  My Anxiety Answer gives you the knowledge and power to end your fear, anxiety, and worry.  Dr. Paul interviews Nate Turley about overcoming anxiety.  Nate is an extreme sports enthusiast, yet was paralyzed with anxiety. He now eagerly shares his story of hope and empowerment over fear.  Visit My Anxiety Answer to learn more and to get a behind-the-scenes look at this episode.

Join Dr. Paul and Dian Thomas as they chat about a unique system of success to help you tip the scales in your favor.  Dian has served as national spokesperson for divisions of Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, and countless others.  She was also a regular on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Home Show.  Sharing her personal story of weight loss Dian explains her secret to success.  Check out her new book Tipping the Scales in Your Favor to learn more.

Portion Control


Dian's Refrigerator

Dian’s Refrigerator



Relationships to Riches Powered by Your Emotional Fingerprint.

Woody Woodward is back in the studio with Dr. Paul to talk more about your Emotional Fingerprint.  Woody brings powerful new ideas to this concept with passion and enthusiasm.   To learn more about his amazing ideas and to purchase some of his wonderful products, please visit his website at nomoretherapy.com.

Join Dr. Paul as he speaks with Blu Robinson and his wife, Marissa.  They discuss the inspirational story of the group Addict II Athlete.  Their mission “is to establish and maintain sobriety by promoting lifestyle changes through Erasing addiction and Replacing it with something of greater value.”  Blu and Marissa are very busy as their athletes organize and participate in athletic events all over Utah to both raise awareness of Addict II Athlete, but also to help the athletes overcome the addictions that they struggle with.  You can learn more about this incredible organization at their website or visit their facebook page here.  Don’t forget to watch this video that highlights a recent 5K.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Will Terry. Will is a children’s book illustrator who discovered that he could bring his talents at a much higher level. This came from an experience with adversity that convinced Will he had to do more to provide for his family. Changing his thinking, and stretching to serve, have changed Will’s life. Learn more about Will and his story on his blog, http://willterry.blogspot.com.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Ann Webb, a successful Lifevision expert. Ann shares her story of being a mother of five who found herself in economic dire straits. She then followed some simple, yet powerful advice about writing and recording your purpose and goals. You are only a few steps away from realizing your dreams. Bring Ann into your prosperity network through her websites, http://createalifevision.com and http://ideallifevision.com.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Demitrius Siruno, a successful young entrepeneur.  Demitrius shares his experience with failure, with education, with networking, and with creating a firm belief that carries you forward to accomplish things you never before thought to be possible.  You won’t want to miss this episode!

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Larry Gelwix.  Larry is the coach of the Highland Rugby Team, which was featured in the movie, “Forever Strong”.  Now in his 35th year of coaching the team, Larry has led the team to an amazing 401-9 record.  This is not a matter of luck or recruiting the top talent, but an application of principles that create success.  Coach Gelwix shares the foundations of this success along with five strategies that can be applied not only on the rugby field, but in all aspects of life.  Connecting with the Coach is best done through his business, Columbus Travel.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Greg Olsen. Greg is a very accomplished visual artist who specializes with inspirational images. The principles that have allowed Greg to be successful as an artist apply to any chosen field. Follow your passion, find and engage wise mentors and coaches, and get to work. Greg’s art is available through his website, http://www.gregolsenart.com.

In Greg Olsen's Studio

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Clay Stevens, creator of “Residual Income” which is a game-style simulator for training the skills necessary for success in direct sales and network marketing.  Clay shares his experience and wisdom related to the principles of success, and reminds us that success happens on purpose.  Learn more about Clay and the services that his company provides at www.ritraining.com.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by James Cordova, elite presidential director with Visalus Sciences.  At the foundation of any success is networking – the real relationships that we form with real people.  People tend to get in their own way sometimes by withdrawing when they feel discouraged or stuck.  The solution to your problem, whatever that problem is, lies within a relationship.  Get out there and start connecting with people.  James can be reached through e-mail at [email protected] or through his website: james.myvi.net.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Danie Jolley.  Danie shares her personal story that includes teen pregnancy and various other challenges.  Despite life’s difficulties, there is always an opportunity to learn and improve – to have a do-over.  Danie is now happily married, is a successful associate with Isagenix, and spends her time with her family and empowering others to be successful.  For a quick bio and an introduction to her company, visit Danie’s website at http://daniejolley.isagenix.com.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Brett Harward, author of The 5 Laws that Determine All of Life’s Outcomes.  Brett is a skilled teacher who powerfully articulates the elusive obvious.  The five laws will give you a perspective that you can apply immediately to improve your outcomes in business, relationships, and life. To learn more about Brett and his programs, visit http://manifestforsuccess.com/.