Self improvement and psychology is the focus of this episode of Live On Purpose Radio.  Dr. Paul is joined by Dr. Jason Adams (the two shrinks) as they take the mic and take on some common questions that show up in a shrink’s inbox or voicemail.  Practical advice and a wealth of professional experience from two seasoned psychologists.  If you have questions, topics, or issues for future episodes of “Two Shrinks And A Mic”, feel free to e-mail your suggestions to [email protected] and we will address them on the show.

Investing is a dirty word to some people because of losses and difficulties secondary to poor investment choices.  In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio Dr. Paul interviews David Soper, a registered investment advisor, about the anatomy of an investment and what you can do if you’re in a position you don’t like.

Best-selling author David Meerman Scott joins Dr. Paul and Michael Ray Hopkin to discuss concepts from his book, “The New Rules Of Marketing and PR”, the leading business book of 2007. Anyone can become a thought leader and get their message out to the world through the new world of information and the internet. This content is absolutely essential for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone else who wants to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Rick Priddis is Dr. Paul’s guest on this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. Rick is a successful entrepreneur in the area of accompaniment music which is available through Dr. Paul and Rick discuss some of the predictable and sometimes challenging issues surrounding creating and succeeding in your own business.