Join Dr. Paul and Chris Miles as they discuss tips and tricks that will help you free up cash today.  Create cash flow through the abundance perspective and break free from scarcity.  If you want to learn more Chris has offered a free ebook that shares the principles and strategies of stewardship.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul gets a little personal financial workout from Rod Alan Richardson, Executive Vice President of a company called Residual Income Technologies. Rod shared three anchor wisdoms for business owners or entrepreneurs including:

1. Be in Business On Purpose
2. Think Like an Investor, Not a Parent
3. Be Market Driven

Take time to actually do the exercises that Rod takes Dr. Paul through in this episode – it will begin to make a real difference in your relationship with money. Please visit Rod’s website at for more resources.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Patrick Donohoe of The Investor’s Paradigm. Money is one of those topics that comes up everywhere, and seems to have an enormous power and influence in our lives. This discussion reveals some of the paradoxes about money and gives some practical ideas for getting unstuck with regard to money.  Several suggestions are mentioned as educational resources including Kim Butler, Garrett Gunderson, and several other authors and mentors (see the carousel).