Dr. Paul is joined by yet another exciting guest in this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. Stephen Palmer is an author of several powerful books as well as the manifesto for Statue of Responsibility. (check out episode ‘Sculpting Responsibility‘ for more details) Join in on the conversation listen carefully for a special treat from Stephen exclusively for Live On Purpose Radio listeners. Visit stephendpalmer.com for more info about how to connect with Stephen.

In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by renowned sculptor Gary Lee Price as they discuss the necessity of responsibility for a purposeful life of freedom. Gary is the sculptor of the Statue of Responsibility, an exciting and compelling movement for all mankind. Tune in to learn how you can become involved in this great cause! Learn more about the statue at the website here: Statue of Responsibility

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Kris Krohn. Kris has discovered and developed a turnkey system for creating an economic engine for funding your mission. Although the process and system is through real estate, Kris’ true passion is freedom. Learn more about Kris and his powerful economic engine that you too can access at www.liveonpurpose.strongbrook.com. Remember the key word “free” to get a free copy of Kris’ book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Bill Hulterstrom.  Bill is the president and CEO of United Way of Utah County.  Bill shared some statistics that incarceration rates are projected based on third grade reading levels.  This is very alarming, and should concern each of us.  The troops aren’t coming to rescue us from this problem – we are the troops!  This high-energy episode of Live On Purpose Radio will get you thinking about what you can do now to make a difference.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Dr. Dan Smith, who has committed a life of service through the Air Force as a flight surgeon and emergency physician.  While doing various assignments throughout the world, Dan and his lovely wife Anne have involved their family as well in serving the people in the areas where they have lived.  Enjoy this conversation with a true hero and example of the lovely people of our world.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by author Annette Lyon. Annette shares her story of the principles and the journey that she took to become a published author. Her latest novel, “Band of Sisters,” profiles a group of five women who form an uncommon bond of friendship as their husbands are deployed.  Annette’s story (her own) is an inspiring example of applying principles of success to follow your dreams.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, John and Amy Simmons share their inspiring story with Dr. Paul about adopting children from Russia.  John is the author of the book, “The Marvelous Journey Home“, which is based on their experience.  It is amazing to consider all we can learn from even the smallest people about the biggest principles in life.  Enjoy this conversation, and share it with other families!


In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul welcomes Ruel Haymond. Ruel is a teacher and student of constitutional law at George Wythe University. In a somewhat more-political-than-usual discussion, the proper role of government is the topic of conversation. Especially in this election season, it is important to acknowledge the various threats to our freedom and liberty, the greatest threat being our own ignorance.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Dayna Steele. Dayna is the author of Rock To The Top: What I Learned About Success From The World’s Greatest Rock Stars. She was known for years as Houston’s “First Lady of Radio” with her inside look at the lives and personalities of some of the top rock celebrities. In this interview, Dayna shares what she has learned from the people she has known, as well as her passion for life and liberty. Please visit also the website Dayna set up to promote and encourage proper respect for the National Anthem.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews WWII Veteran Zane Taylor.  Zane shares stories and experiences from being an infantryman on the front lines in France, and principles he has learned as a result of his experiences.  Zane’s book, Lesser Heroes, is available through the link on this post.  Hearing the memories of our WWII veterans is becoming a more rare experience.  May we all remember the high cost of freedom that has been paid by our service men and women.