Dr. Paul discusses the process of discovering you soul purpose with Steve D’Annunzio, author of The Prosperity Paradigm. Learn more about Steve and receive a phenomenal gift during his book launch by visiting www.prosperitysteve.com online.

Live On Purpose favorite, Kirk Weisler, joins Dr. Paul for a return appearance by popular request.

Death is something we all get to face.  As we understand death, our level of fear and anxiety will diminish and allow us to live more fully.  In this episode, Dr. Paul is joined by CreationTree legacy coach Darren Johansen and Funeral Director/Embalmer Shawn Warenski.  You can learn more about Shawn at www.warenski.com.  We also recommend the PBS Frontline production, “The Undertaking” which can be viewed at www.pbs.org.

Best selling author, Leslie Householder, talks with Dr. Paul about breaking through the terror barrier through understanding your mind. Check out Leslie’s website at www.thoughtsalive.com, and get a special offer as a “live on purpose” listener for her home study course at www.prosperyourfamily.com.

Dr. Paul and Cary Valerio of Bray-Conn Inc., discuss the concept of giving as a powerful principle of prosperity.  You can get connected with Project Liberty through www.gotindependence.com.