Shanae Branham joins Dr. Paul in studio to chat about success.  Shanae is a Techno-Thriller author who talks about her triumphant and inspiring story.  She learned to “can the can’t” in order to overcome obstacles in the way of her dream to become a successful author.  Prepare to be inspired with this dynamic episode of Live On Purpose Radio.  To learn more about Shanae’s new book DiSemblance, visit

Would you like to end the fear, anxiety and worry that interferes with your relationships and gets in the way of your success and joy?  My Anxiety Answer gives you the knowledge and power to end your fear, anxiety, and worry.  Dr. Paul interviews Nate Turley about overcoming anxiety.  Nate is an extreme sports enthusiast, yet was paralyzed with anxiety. He now eagerly shares his story of hope and empowerment over fear.  Visit My Anxiety Answer to learn more and to get a behind-the-scenes look at this episode.