Dr. Paul interviews attorney Will Rodgers about becoming better men, which is also the title of an upcoming book.  Will shares some of his difficult past, and discussion turns to how life circumstances are not the determining factor for prosperity and happiness in life.

Dr. Paul visits with Shaye Larsen, founder and CEO of Prosperity Idea International, about the value of ideas and the power of giving as a form of marketing.  You can contact Shaye through www.ideaorbit.com.

Adrian Marinovich joins Dr. Paul on this episode of Live On Purpose. Adrian is a lawyer-psychotherapist based in Los Angeles who recently completed a nearly 10,000 mile journey around the country interviewing so-called “ordinary” people about extraordinary things in their life for an upcoming documentary movie called “A Hero On Every Block.” You can learn more about Adrian and this documentary at www.aherooneveryblock.com .