More Than Just Talk – with Patti DeNucci – Episode #538

March 9, 2023

Patti DeNucci seems to be in the business of illuminating the obvious. When I read The Intentional Networker years ago, the lights went on for me about things I should have already known as a professional psychologist. Patti has done it again with More Than Just Talk. With all that can go wrong in communication, it is amazing that we can communicate at all. In this book, Patti illuminates communication as authentic human connection. Get past “the seductive mirage of social media,” as More Than Just Talk delivers practical, applicable, and psychologically sound principles of real conversation. Pick up clear scripts from becoming a better listener using the W.A.I.T. rule, to exit strategies when dealing with drainers and downers. Enjoy this conversation between Patti and Dr. Paul Jenkins at Live On Purpose Radio!

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