In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Will Terry. Will is a children’s book illustrator who discovered that he could bring his talents at a much higher level. This came from an experience with adversity that convinced Will he had to do more to provide for his family. Changing his thinking, and stretching to serve, have changed Will’s life. Learn more about Will and his story on his blog,

4 comments on “Illustrating Success

  1. I’m the “older sister” that Will mentions, and I just have to say that I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has worked so hard his entire life, despite adversity, beginning with when he first wanted to be an illustrator. I have never met anyone who worked so hard to develop and perfect a skill. Because academics came easy to me, I didn’t have to learn how to practice or work consistently at something. Will, on the other hand, learned focus and discipline and the value of putting in the time. He is my role model and hero. Truly.

  2. Will Terry has inspired me and taught me so much! He is a generous and a terrific guy. His passion is contagious! Thanks Dr. Phil and thanks Will

  3. Oooops I mean Dr Paul :o)

  4. Loved this episode Dr Paul. It has me fired up thinking how I could turn my passions into helping other and feed the family at the are time! Was also interesting to hear how your interviewee found schools to be lacking in their ability to recognise the non-academic type child and their potential ability. Look forward to looking at Will has dne with his tutorials and maybe get my hands on one of his books for my 7 month old!