In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Tiffany Berg.  Tiffany has been a success coach for over a decade, and has recently been working as a hospital chaplain with end of life patients and their families.  This life change for Tiffany came as a result of her own husband being diagnosed with a terminal condition.  The context of facing mortality brings a lot of things into perspective.  Part of this conversation is focused on taking care of yourself and emotional intelligence.  You can learn to say “no” appropriately when you really begin to “know” yourself.  Don’t miss this episode especially if you are a care giver, or know someone who is.

2 comments on “No Means Know

  1. There were so many great gold nuggets in this podcast.
    My favorite quote from this podcast is at 13:55, “Forgiveness is giving up your demand for a better past”. Also the concept that gratitude is one of the greatest powers that we can choose to use in our life.

  2. Janice Feb 4, 2012

    Thanks Dr. Paul for bringing this interview by Tiffany to us. Wow, that was awesome.