In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Dr. Craig Manning.  Dr. Manning is the author of a groundbreaking new book in the area of higher performance called “The Fearless Mind”.  Craig assists athletes, teams, and individuals as a mental strength coach.  In this episode, you will learn the five essential steps to higher performance, which apply to whatever contexts are relevant to you.  You can learn more about Craig and his services at

3 comments on “The Fearless Mind

  1. Great podcast episode. I already plan to listen to this one again.

  2. My second time through this episode. More amazing principles stuck in my mind. This is what I learned.

    A new prayer for myself: “Heavenly Father, please teach me to recognize the interference in my life, so that I can avoid it and be more effective.”

    Optimal level of anxiety (28:50): “If it gets to high then you are paralyzed, if it gets too low you are falling asleep on the couch.”

  3. What a great episode of Live on Purpose! Two doctors (Ph.D.’s that is) talking about simple truths that lead to great things. I’m highly impressed by what Dr. Manning says about breaking through the mental barriers and achieving peak performance.

    I see many applications to these principles, and I look forward to the results that will come from applying them in my life and teaching them to my children.