Dr. Paul interviews clinical psychologist, Dr. Randy Hyde about the most important thing in the world – family. Dr. Hyde and Dr. Paul have both dedicated their careers to helping to strengthen families. Insights from clinical practice as well as life experience are shared, with practical advice specifically for parents. Dr. Hyde has recently completed a powerful program for helping families, especially families with teens called “Teen Miracle.” A special offer is presented exclusively for Live On Purpose listeners.

5 comments on “Family: The Most Important Thing In The World

  1. Paul,

    Just wanted to share something after listening to this podcast.

    I’ve been having a ball picking apart John Locke’s 1690 “Second Treatise on Government”. It’s full of gems that are familiar to us; further evidence that these are well-established principles that endure time.

    I’ve just started Chapter 6, “Of parental Power”, but he’s quick to hit upon points that you’ve mentioned before in the model of control and maturity. Here’s a relevant item that should sound familiar:

    [begin quote]
    § 58. The power, then, that parents have over their children arises from that duty which is incumbent on them, to take care of their offspring during the imperfect state of childhood. To inform the mind, and govern the actions of their yet ignorant nonage [years of minority], till reason shall take its place, and ease them of that trouble, is what the children want, and the parents are bound to
    [end quote]

    He also uses analogy, saying it is “like the swaddling-clothes they are wrapt up in, and supported by, in the weakness of their infancy: age and reason, as they grow up, loosen them, till at length they drop quite off, and leave a man at his own free disposal” (§55).

    I’ve only started this chapter, but his message thus far revolves around that of a person gradually learning to walk by reason, or as we say today, taking control of his own life and living on purpose.


  2. JUDY BOWERS Aug 26, 2008

    I have been talking to teenmiracle and need to know if this is really legit. The program sounds too good to be true.. I just got burned by ordering material for ADHD ONLINE and I’m a little apprehensive about giving Credit Card info online. Could you please help.

  3. admin Aug 28, 2008

    Judy – I have not personally reviewed the content of Teen Miracle as a product, but have had a personal and professional relationship with the creator, Dr. Randy Hyde, for over 15 years. I consider him to be my mentor, and know very well the philosophies and methods he uses with families. I would anticipate that the recorded version of Dr. Hyde in Teen Miracle will deliver what most of his clients have found to be miraculous in improving their families and relationships. Hope this helps! Dr. Paul