Dr. Paul and CreationTree Legacy Coach, Darren Johansen, discuss facing your giants. Opposition in life opens the door to opportunity. Understanding this dynamic helps you to live on purpose.

2 comments on “Facing Your Giants

  1. Travis Roper Jan 29, 2008

    Hi, Dr. Paul!

    I have been listening to your podcasts as you suggested, and I am finding them very inspiring and uplifting. “Facing Your Giants” in particular has really made me think about the trials I currently face. I feel that I am closer to putting things into the right perspective(or finding the right pair of ‘glasses’ to view life).

    A specific comment you made really hit home and filled me with an intense hope and longing. You urged us all to become heroes. I have always dreamed and fantasized about being a hero, but I never truly believed it could be a reality. I stopped believing in Superman long, long ago. More importantly, I stopped trying to BE superman–even for my family. I no longer see a hero potential in myself.

    After listening to this podcast, I have faith that I can face my giants and be victorious. I sincerely believe that such victories will be the fuel to restore my confidence in my potential for heroism.

    Thank you for everything, Dr. Paul and Mr. Johansen. You are heroes to many, including me.

    Travis Roper

  2. Dr. Paul,

    This was an inspiring podcast! You and Darren did a great job of describing how we can face our ‘giants’ or the big obstacles that keep us from progressing. If we look at things in the right perspective we can shrink our giants into submission (like the Monster’s Inc. figures you discuss).

    Thank you for creating this (and many other) great podcast!