In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul Jenkins is joined by Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, a renowned expert in relationships, and particularly sexuality and intimacy. Often, the programming or traditional training we get…

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul Jenkins shares 9 Principles that he has consistently used in coaching couples over the past three decades. These principles, when consistently applied, are guaranteed to…

For this week’s episode of Live On Purpose Radio we have a special treat. A while back Dr. Paul and his lovely wife Vicki were guests on Dino Watt’s show, the Business of Marriage and were interviewed about how to create a successful marriage. Tune in to see how you might also find better ways to have a successful and fulfilling marriage. Click here to see the original show and listen to more of the Business of Marriage.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by his good friend Dr. Matt Townsend. Usually a guest on Matt’s show, Dr. Paul turns the tables in this episode to pick the mind of a leading relationship expert. STARVED is an acronym to help couples get to the root of their communication difficulties. The “smoke” of conflict is usually based on the “fire” of these seven needs: Safety, Trust, Appreciation, Respect, Validation, Encouragement, and Dedication. You can get the book on Matt’s website:

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Dino Watt, founder of The Business of Marriage. There are basic principles that help businesses to succeed – those same principles can be applied to marriage. In this episode, Dino shares the three core principles that he has found to work in establishing a healthy foundation for marriage. Don’t miss this one if you are married, or ever planning to be married.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by Harriet Cabelly, a life coach in New York.  Life’s challenges and adversity create opportunities to create something beautiful.  Learn to live life to the fullest despite, and sometimes because of, your challenges.  You can see more of what Harriet does through her website –

This episode of Live On Purpose Radio features an interview with Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW.  Julie is the founder and director of Wasatch Family Therapy, and the host of K-Jazz Television’s “You and Me Monday” which is part of the “Home Team” series.  Dr. Paul Interview’s Julie about moving from contention to compassion in marriage.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Dino Pinder, the author of Dino’s Dime. Dino has an incurable positivity about him, and some powerful ideas to help people maintain a perspective in life. A native of Spanish Wells in the Bahamas, Dino provides some island wisdom for Live On Purpose listeners.

In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews returning guest, Summer A. Morris. Summer is a licensed counselor who specializes in infertility and women’s issues. Summer highlights some of the points from the book, “The Female Brain” by Dr. Louann Brizendine. This discussion is geared toward helping people to understand better the female brain and also gives some practical advice about what to do with this information. You can learn more about some of Summer’s work through her blog

Dr. Paul interviews clinical psychologist, Dr. Randy Hyde about the most important thing in the world – family. Dr. Hyde and Dr. Paul have both dedicated their careers to helping to strengthen families. Insights from clinical practice as well as life experience are shared, with practical advice specifically for parents. Dr. Hyde has recently completed a powerful program for helping families, especially families with teens called “Teen Miracle.” A special offer is presented exclusively for Live On Purpose listeners.

In this Valentine’s Day special edition of Live On Purpose, Dr. Paul invites returning guests, Craig Rollo and Dr. Jason Adams to discuss the topic of increasing fondness in marriage.  The men are joined and the show is enhanced by Jamee Adams (married to Dr. Jason).  The five love languages are presented as a way to increase fondness, along with other powerful principles to help you live on purpose.

An important aspect of living on purpose is being unified with your spouse.  In this episode of Live on Purpose, Dr. Paul visits with The Prosperity Coach Cynthia Clements about ten keys to assist couples in getting on the same page financially.

You can reach Cynthia by E-mail through [email protected] or by calling Heather at (801) 655-5450.

Dr. Paul interviews relationship expert and long time colleague Dr. Jason Adams about prioritizing relationships as a way to live on purpose.  Busy executives sometimes allow career to consume their time and energy at the expense of their family.  This episode of Live on Purpose gives some tools for rescuing and enhancing those key relationships.

You can contact Dr. Adams through his E-mail address at [email protected] or at

Dr. Paul visits with Shaye Larsen, founder and CEO of Prosperity Idea International, about the value of ideas and the power of giving as a form of marketing.  You can contact Shaye through

Dr. Paul Jenkins and Craig Rollo talk about principles in the preamble of the constitution and relate it to prosperity in marriage and families.