In this Valentine’s Day special edition of Live On Purpose, Dr. Paul invites returning guests, Craig Rollo and Dr. Jason Adams to discuss the topic of increasing fondness in marriage.  The men are joined and the show is enhanced by Jamee Adams (married to Dr. Jason).  The five love languages are presented as a way to increase fondness, along with other powerful principles to help you live on purpose.

One comment on “Increasing Fondness In Marriage

  1. I absolutely loved this show. It was so good to hear Craig’s voice again and feel his spirit. I Love the book 5 Love Languages, when I read it, it changed drastically my understanding of my husband, Larry’s love language. It opened his eyes to what worked best for him also. His love language is physical touch and mine is quality time, his number two is acts of service. It’s been a huge process but we are really trying to give to one other what each other desires rather than what we desire. Thank you for this podcast.

    I bought about 20 books to give away.