In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio Dr. Paul talks with entrepreneur Jon Farris about the mental aspects of money.  Three practical exercises are recommended to help you shift your paradigm about money.

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Dr. Paul interviews young entrepreneur Jeff Fabian about people being the true assets.  Live On Purpose by collecting a powerful portfolio of people.

In this Valentine’s Day special edition of Live On Purpose, Dr. Paul invites returning guests, Craig Rollo and Dr. Jason Adams to discuss the topic of increasing fondness in marriage.  The men are joined and the show is enhanced by Jamee Adams (married to Dr. Jason).  The five love languages are presented as a way to increase fondness, along with other powerful principles to help you live on purpose.

In this episode of the Live on Purpose Radio podcast Dr. Paul interviews David and Gerri Hinton about their company Abundant Reading Systems. They give some of the basic tools for reading more effectively so that you can read more books that will help you to live on purpose.

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