In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, teenagers Josh, Bo, and Ryan talk with Dr. Paul about what teens wish their parents knew.

An important aspect of living on purpose is being unified with your spouse.  In this episode of Live on Purpose, Dr. Paul visits with The Prosperity Coach Cynthia Clements about ten keys to assist couples in getting on the same page financially.

You can reach Cynthia by E-mail through [email protected] or by calling Heather at (801) 655-5450.

Dr. Paul interviews relationship expert and long time colleague Dr. Jason Adams about prioritizing relationships as a way to live on purpose.  Busy executives sometimes allow career to consume their time and energy at the expense of their family.  This episode of Live on Purpose gives some tools for rescuing and enhancing those key relationships.

You can contact Dr. Adams through his E-mail address at [email protected] or at

Dr. Paul and CreationTree Legacy Coach, Darren Johansen, discuss facing your giants. Opposition in life opens the door to opportunity. Understanding this dynamic helps you to live on purpose.