Rick Priddis is Dr. Paul’s guest on this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. Rick is a successful entrepreneur in the area of accompaniment music which is available through www.singprosound.com. Dr. Paul and Rick discuss some of the predictable and sometimes challenging issues surrounding creating and succeeding in your own business.

One comment on “Adventures In Entrepreneurism

  1. I just found this show on iTunes and enjoyed listening to it. It was sometimes difficult to hear who was talking, as your voices sounded so similar, but the content was great. As a self-employed person who also has been actively using the Law of Attraction (long before I knew what it was or that it had a name), I have had similar experiences where I ask for help and the solution (however unusual it may be) shows up in an effortless way. Marketing myself (two businesses) became so much easier when I discovered this process.

    Thank you for a great show! I will be sharing it with other entrepreneurs who will enjoy it.