Best-selling author David Meerman Scott joins Dr. Paul and Michael Ray Hopkin to discuss concepts from his book, “The New Rules Of Marketing and PR”, the leading business book of 2007. Anyone can become a thought leader and get their message out to the world through the new world of information and the internet. This content is absolutely essential for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone else who wants to succeed in today’s marketplace.

4 comments on “Playing By The New Rules

  1. Dr. Paul,

    Thank you for inviting me to participate in the podcast with David. His insights the new rules of marketing are tremendous. This offers a great opportunity for your listeners to get tuned in to the ‘ins and outs’ of how the Internet has changed the way we interact. I also appreciate your foresight on how the new rules affect human behavior. It gives us all an opportunity look at how (and why) we do things and make appropriate changes.


  2. Jamee Adams May 9, 2008

    Dr. Paul- you and Michael created an excellent podcast. I especially like the idea that one small thing can create an epidemic (to use Scott’s viral analogy). What a great way to create value for others by giving “freely” of oneself and still enjoying exponential returns. Also, if you like this subject, I recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” which discusses the viral epidemic in a more social realm. It’s a fascinating way of looking at life in general.