In this chilling episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is joined by adventurer, author, and motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau. Aaron, author of the book Antarctic Tears, successfully completed a solo trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, making his way into a very exclusive group of only two Americans in history to ever have done so. In this interview with Dr. Paul, Aaron and Paul discuss the principles and key habits that made accomplishing this incredible feat, as well as accomplishing any goals/dreams you as the listener may have, attainable. The answer may surprise you. Connect further with Aaron on his website at

3 comments on “Antarctic Tears

  1. Thank you for the interview Dr. Paul. It was a pleasure & an honor!
    Aaron Linsdau

  2. Thank you for having me on, Dr. Paul. It was educational, entertaining and informative. We really do think the same way.