Join Dr. Paul as he speaks with Blu Robinson and his wife, Marissa.  They discuss the inspirational story of the group Addict II Athlete.  Their mission “is to establish and maintain sobriety by promoting lifestyle changes through Erasing addiction and Replacing it with something of greater value.”  Blu and Marissa are very busy as their athletes organize and participate in athletic events all over Utah to both raise awareness of Addict II Athlete, but also to help the athletes overcome the addictions that they struggle with.  You can learn more about this incredible organization at their website or visit their facebook page here.  Don’t forget to watch this video that highlights a recent 5K.

3 comments on “Addict II Athlete

  1. Great interview and concept!!! Sharing this podcast now 🙂

  2. I love the change in labels from addicts to athletes. Labels are so powerful. Physical activity is also powerful and important in so many ways. Great program! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Coach Friday Jan 25, 2013

    Re: Blu Robinson Pod Cast

    Dear Dr Paul,

    I stumbled onto your podcast via a Google search “athletes recovering from addiction.”

    After listening to your show I wanted to complement you on the quality of podcast; both the enlightening content and quality of the audio – uplifting and encouraging!

    Those enlightening thoughts and words of wisdom expressed by Blu and his wife about the therapeutic benefits of vigorous outdoor exercise are right on the money, in my personal experience people who are working toward building a new life style in recovery benefit greatly from vigorous outdoor exercise.

    I started my recovery journey in 2002. After completing a short 60 day treatment program, form there, I transitioned to a sober living. I committed my self to living in a sober living environment for a undetermined period of time. Based on my adaptation to the sober living lifestyle I was offered a position managing a 23 bed sober living here in the Los Angeles area – this was a incredible learning experience – the life lessons that I learned enabled me to gain a 30,000 Foot View perspective on the game of life.

    The above is only about 1% of my travels on the road of “Ruin to Redemption.”

    Today, I pursue a daily commitment to personal development regimen and consider my self a “Student of Recovery.” I also working consistently on creating future recovery related career opportunities.

    I believe that establishing a long term recovery strategy is a must.

    I also know from experience that that their is no substitute for a professional post treatment aftercare program that involves community and a ongoing….. NEVER ENDING commitment.

    I am currently stetting up guest speaker commitments at local sober livings, local treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous H&I Hospitals and Institutions

    Lastly, the time commitment and energy that you have committed to planning, producing and publishing your podcast show are very much appreciated – podcast production is WORK!


    Coach Friday
    American Bicycle
    BMX Hall of Fame Inductee 1996