In this episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews Blu Robinson.  Blu shares his experience of growing up in less-than-favorable circumstances, which would lead many to a life of dysfunction and unhappiness.  As a successful husband and father, Blu is a great example of how to rise above history and background to choose a more excellent way in life.  Blu has also chosen a career path to assist teens in overcoming similar challenges.

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  1. admin Oct 7, 2009

    If you were among the first to download this episode, you only got about 2 minutes of the file – the problem is now repaired so try again. Sorry for the inconvenience! DP

  2. Another great podcast interview. I think Blu’s life’s story is well deserving of becoming a book/biography no doubt. What an amazing example of overcoming a sore and troublesome childhood to become an amazing example of how to live better and have a great attitude towards life and trials and a brighter future if you really want to work for it. You can see how professional Blu is as he speaks with confidence and self experience and is now helping so many others who have or had a dysfunctional childhood like himself to find a more excellent way to live!!!

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