Clarity and focus take you more quickly to realizing your ideal LifeVision.  In this episode of Live on Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul is once again joined by Ann Webb to power up your LifeVision.  Ann appeared on the show exactly three years ago, click here to listen.

One comment on “ReVising Your LifeVision

  1. Maria May 5, 2014

    I really enjoyed listening to this (and your other podcasts). I love goal-setting. Ann’s ideas of making them reality make a lot of sense.

    It reminded me that I wanted to research visualization. As I was looking on-line I ran across an article that surprised me: . I don’t believe everything I read and I’m not sure how well the research was done. But, they present the argument that if your sub-conscious thinks that you’ve met the goal, it relaxes and doesn’t try as hard.

    Anyway, it made me wonder because it sounds like Ann’s findings are very different. Maybe it is because her approach of having people write their life vision and listen to their recording of it is different.

    How do you feel about visualization?